Stephen Huczko, Class of 1975

Stephen Huczko grew up in Grasmere, the oldest child of Stephen and Elizabeth, and big brother to Mary Beth, Richard and David. He attended St. Sylvester's grammar school before moving on to Monsignor Farrell High School from where he graduated in 1975.

Stephen married Kathleen McGuire in 1982 and they had four children together: Kaitlyn, Liam, Cullen and Aidan. He joined the Port Authority Police Department in 1986.

Steve's favorite activities revolved around  his family and friends.  Whether it was cooking up his signature dishes or playing bass drum  for the Emerald Society Pipes and Drums, he was most happy when celebrating life and sharing his love for life with those around him.  An avid outdoorsman, Steve also enjoyed taking his family and friends hiking, biking and camping. In everything he did, his focus was on other people's happiness and wellbeing. He was an active volunteer all throughout his neighborhood: the T-Ball coach, the Cub Scout den leader and the homeroom dad.

He earned his nursing degree in 1995 and planned to work as a registered nurse after he retired from the police force. Steve had an incredible gift for being able to see when someone needed help. The rainy night before he died, Steve was on his way to the local hospital where he was a volunteer CPR instructor. He noticed a cyclist at the pay phone of the gasstation where he had stopped. Without  a second thought, Steve offered his assistance and a ride home. He always acted upon an opportunity to help.

On September 11, 2001, Steve would not rest knowing people were still in danger.  Based on the position that he and his fellow Port Authority officers were found five months after the North Tower collapsed, it was evident that they were attempting to rescue a woman who could not escape on her own. Even though the South Tower had already collapsed, Officer Stephen Huczko and his colleagues continued to help those who were in peril. Those who knew and loved Steve were not surprised by his heroic actions on that tragic day. In every moment of his life, Steve Huczko put others first. September 11, 2001 was no different.



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