Patrick Murphy, Class of 1981

Patrick Murphy, Class of 1981, attended grammar school at St. Joseph Hill Academy on Staten Island. He enjoyed sports at a young age and played on his school's baseball and basketball teams. During his childhood summers, Patrick's favorite family vacations were when his parents would take him and his sister to the seacoast of Maine.

As a student  at Monsignor  Farrell, Patrick was a member of the electronics club that set up the stage lighting for Farrell plays, as well as productions at other high schools.  The friendships he formed at Farrell always remained among his fondest memories.

When Patrick grew older, his desire to help others would eventually lead him to the New York City Police Department. As a Sergeant in the elite NYPD Emergency Services Unit, Patrick assisted in numerous rescues. However, it was an emergency response while he was off-duty which was arguably his most heroic.

On the morning of September 11,2001,  upon learning that an airplane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers, then­ Sergeant Patrick Murphy joined several other off-duty police officers and emergency responders and immediately reported  to their command on Staten Island. They proceed to load a van with equipment and then headed to the World Trade Center.

Their response to the attack on the towers was so swift that they arrived at Washington Street before the first tower collapsed.  As the first tower fell, Sgt. Murphy and his colleagues evacuated numerous civilians from the burning building and guided others in the area to a first aid station.  Despite the threat to his own safety, Patrick continued the evacuation until the second tower began to fall. He pulled many civilians, as well as fellow emergency workers, to safety as debris came down around  them, ushering them to safety underneath a firetruck when the second tower finally collapsed.

Patrick continued to return to Ground Zero for days following the collapse, joining in the search and rescue effort. It was these actions that resulted in Sergeant Murphy developing an illness that would claim his life on August 20, 2014.

For his heroism at the World Trade Center, Sergeant Patrick Murphy was awarded the NYPD Medal of Valor in 2004.




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