Ned Thompson, Class of 1986

"Kind, friendly, big smile, great temperament, fair, honest, cool under pressure, thoughtful, clever, smart, loyal, caring, brave......:'  Whether it was a grammar school classmate, a high school or college buddy, a colleague on the police force or even someone on the opposite side of his duties as an officer, the words used to describe Ned Thompson were likely to be the same. Ned was the guy you wanted at your side when times were tough or when the Yankees were winning the World Series and it was time to celebrate. To his family, Ned was a loving father to four young
daughters, a caring and devoted husband  to his wife Justine, a proud big brother and cherished son. To his friends he was a steady force with a warm smile and a knowing understanding in his eyes.

Edward "Ned" Thompson grew up on the North Shore of Staten Island where he attended Sacred Heart grammar school in West Brighton. When it came time for high school, Ned made the trip further out on the Island to Monsignor  Farrell, graduating in 1986. Always a very bright student,
he continued his education  at Villanova University in Pennsylvania where he majored in English and NCAA sports fandom.  From an early age, Ned enjoyed sports both as a player and a fan.  Many days and nights were spent playing basketball in the driveway or in school leagues as a child, and cheering on his beloved Villanova Wildcats as an adult.

Upon graduating from Villanova, Ned spent a year teaching at-risk youth in the same area, and many would say he was a natural for that role as teacher. But Ned would find another  path to helping and serving others when he received the call from the NYPD. The same temperament, intellect and kindness Ned displayed in all previous aspects of his life would help him to become a well-regarded and well-respected Police Sergeant, heading up the Street Narcotics Enforcement  Unit from the 6th Precinct in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. In what was a typical example of Ned's humble ways, he was singled out by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly for meaningful work by his unit in the fight against drugs all throughout Manhattan. However, Ned's family never heard about the recognition. He was just doing what he knew was the right thing to do.

On September 11, 2001, Sergeant Ned Thompson once again did what he knew was the right thing to do. Located close to the World Trade Center, Ned was among the first responders to report to the site the day two planes crashed into the Twin Towers. His actions helped and saved the lives of numerous civilians during the attack on America.  Ned spent weeks assisting in the search and rescue efforts at Ground Zero. It was these actions which led to the illness that claimed his life on March 9, 2008.

In his own words after becoming ill, and in very predictable Ned Thompson fashion, he said, ''I'd do it again."



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