Martin Egan, Class of 1982

Marty Egan grew up in Midland Beach as the oldest child of Patricia and Martin Egan. After attending St. Margaret Mary's elementary school with his two brothers and sister, he continued his education at Monsignor Farrell High School, graduating in 1982. It was at Farrell where Marty grew into a fine athlete, starring on the track team. Later in life, Marty would continue to be an avid runner who competed in every local race he could, as well as the 2000 NYC Marathon.

The Egan family has a long tradition of working in public safety, so at 21 years old, Marty jumped at the call to join the New York City Fire Department. In 1986, he was assigned to Ladder 79 in Staten Island, starting what would be a meteoric rise through the ranks.  After working in Brooklyn in Engine 227 and Ladder 113, Marty was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to Ladder 118, where he would remain after his promotion to Captain in 2001.

It was during this time that Marty started his own family with his wife Diane. The couple moved to Great Kills where they began renovating what would turn out to be their dream home.  It was there that they would welcome two beautiful children into their lives, a son Sean and daughter Kerry. 

Like his father, Sean is a Farrell alumnus who is currently enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Kerry, a graduate of St. Joseph Hill Academy, is currently attending  Boston College. Marty viewed being a father to his two young children as his greatest accomplishment and joy. He was a loving husband and father who was happiest when spending time with his family.

On September 11, 2001, recently promoted Captain Marty Egan answered the call for help at the World Trade Center despite being on administrative duty.  Credited with helping in the evacuation and rescue of thousands of civilians, Captain Egan was found wearing borrowed gear from Engine 10 / Ladder 10 who he joined in the response to help.

Every year, runners participate  in the Captain Martin Egan Memorial 5K Run, a fitting tribute to an extraordinary person and father.




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