Lawrence M. Unrein, Class of 1974

Sid to his many friends at Farrell – is the kind of guy of whom his brother-in-law Bill Maroney has said: “It’s safe to say that if you knew him in high school, you know him now. Nothing has changed:  He was a great guy then, he’s a great guy now.”

You can forgive Bill if he sounds prejudiced – after all, Larry is family.  But it happens to be true.

A graduate of St. Mary’s Grammar School, Larry entered Farrell in 1970, and ran freshman track.  A popular student, he also participated in intramurals before graduating in 1974.

He went to The State University of New York-Plattsburgh, then went on to obtain his MBA from the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

He spent 18 years at AT&T Investment Management Corp., an investment management subsidiary of the parent company.  While there, he was responsible for managing the public and private equity and fixed income portion of the $80 billion dollars in corporate employee benefit funds.

In 1997 he joined JP Morgan Investment Management, and along with nine other members founded firm’s Private Equity Group. Today that group – a global business with offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing and Delhi – oversees the management of $28 billion in investments on behalf of institutional and private investors.  It also manages partnerships, direct equity and secondary investments across industry and stage.  It also focuses on venture capital and small buyouts, invests in growth companies in China and technology companies through its digital growth funds.

If that sounds impressive – especially the part about $28 billion dollars – you’re right. And guess who is the Global head of the group?  You’re right again, Lawrence M. Unrein.

In addition to his roll as portfolio manager, Larry somehow finds the time to serve on the advisory boards of nearly two-dozen corporations, including Wharton Private Equity Partners.  He is a board member for Machine Zone Inc., Jawbone and is a board observer for WeWork Companies, Inc.  He is a Director of Beijing Equity Investment Management Co. Ltd., and serves on the investment committee for the funds that it manages.

Larry is Chairman of the JP Morgan Asset Management Investment Committee and is a director of the Plattsburgh College Foundation and St. Anthony HS in Jersey City.

Somehow he finds the time to root for the New York Giants, the Yankees, Knicks and – surprisingly – Georgetown, and plays golf, where he is known as a big hitter off the tee.  As a matter of fact, he once combined his love of golf with his former track experience and ran the NYC Marathon with a golf tee in his running shoe.

He is happily married to Eileen Maroney, with whom he has raised tree fine sons in Larry, Dennis and Peter.  He somehow is able to juggle his demanding work schedule to ensure he always has quality time for family and friends.

In short, Lawrence M. Unrein, Class of  ’74, a man of character and integrity, can be summed up succinctly:  A great guy, a great friend and a deserving member of the Monsignor Farrell Hall of Fame.

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