Keith Roma, Class of 1992

Keith Roma will always be remembered as a caring and gentle person who always wore a smile on his face and a Yankee baseball cap on his head.

Keith grew up in the Richmond section of Staten Island and attended St. Charles grammar school. He then went on to Monsignor Farrell High School, and after graduating in 1992, continued his education at The College of Staten Island.

Keith always had a love for sports and played basketball, football, baseball and softball from childhood through adulthood.

Keith went on to become a patrolman with the New York Fire Patrol. Known to his patrol unit as a man who could be depended on when the job got dangerous, he was equally known for his kindness.  Keith was very proud of his six years of service with the fire patrol, especially since his father worked for the same unit between 1971 and 1973.

On September 11, 2001, his connection to his father and both men's concern for public safety was evident.

On that day when planes struck The World Trade Center, Keith Roma called his father to alert him as his fire patrol truck raced to the scene. The elder Roma pledged to help, and headed to the scene with a fellow volunteer fireman.  Keith, already on the site, was observed entering and exiting the towers several times, guiding many civilians to safety.

Fire Patrolman Keith Roma was last scene on the mezzanine level of World Trade Center Tower 1 when the tower ultimately collapsed.



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