Christopher Mozzillo, Class of 1992

Christopher Mozzillo was not afraid of much. Whether it was feeding sharks while scuba diving or jetting down a black diamond slope hours after learning how to ski, Chris was never a person to let fear stand in his way.  Nicknamed "The Bull," he was known to be strong, fierce and courageous, but all who knew him also knew that underneath was a caring and kind heart of gold.

Growing up in the Oakwood section of Staten Island after moving from Brooklyn, Chris Mozzillo did not need to go far to get to Farrell after graduating from St. Charles grammar school. While at Farrell, Chris played intramural sports, participated in several clubs and built some great friendships. Right from the moment  he graduated from Farrell in 1992, Chris knew what he wanted to do with his life, and that was to follow in his father's footsteps and become a New York City firefighter.

Chris graduated from the FDNY fire academy on November 3, 1999 and was assigned to Ladder Co. 148 in Borough Park, Brooklyn, rotating to Engine 55 in Manhattan's Little Italy a year later.

Even as the young guy in the house, Chris developed a reputation as someone who could fix just about anything, and if he didn't know how, he would either learn how to do it or he would "know a guy" who could get the job done.  Always eager to learn new things, it was during his early days on the fire department that Chris honed his skills in the kitchen cooking up traditional, and not so traditional fare. Whatever it was that he was doing at the time, Chris brought life to the party and a smile to people's faces.

On September 11, 2011 Firefighter Christopher Mozzillo and Little Italy's Engine 55 were out on a call investigating a gas leak when a plane crashed into Tower 1 of the World Trade Center. Chris and his unit were some of the first firefighters to report to the scene and are credited with rescuing and evacuating numerous civilians from the burning North Tower.

Christopher Mozzillo gave his life that day when the World Trade Center towers collapsed.



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