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From the President & CEO



Today is a day that reminds me of how uniquely blessed we are at Monsignor Farrell High School. I just got back to my office after being with our fellow brother alumnus Borough President Jimmy Oddo ’84, who led the first seminar for our newly created Leadership Institute. I am so proud of our Faithful Men who packed the room to actively participate and engage themselves in this novel endeavor. This, as well as our new Medical Education Development Institute, an exclusive collaboration with Northwell Health-Staten Island University Hospital, are certain to become hallmarks in the formation of our young men for many years to come.

Our beloved Farrell is an institution steeped in tradition with a rich history that we all share. I stand on the shoulders of the great men who have come before me such as Monsignors Finn, Bergin, Nevin, and Bishop Whalen ’76. They have passed the baton to me as the first President and CEO and have challenged me to take Monsignor Farrell to the next level.

As the current steward of our alma mater, it is important to me that I continue the culture of the Faithful Man and the spirit of brotherhood that distinguishes us from the pack. The promise and potential here are truly limitless. However, to realize that leap into further greatness, I must literally tap into that spirit of brotherhood and turn it into a spirit of giving, a spirit of appreciation of what Monsignor Farrell has done for us. In some way, shape or form Farrell has made us the men we are today. I respectfully challenge all of us to give back to this institution to ensure that the opportunities that were available for us remain available for our younger brothers as well. We cannot take that for granted, and we all must do our part like others most certainly did for us.

I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you who continue to give of your time, talent and treasure, without you we cannot achieve our mission to develop the whole man, a person aware of his own God-given talents, confident in his abilities, and oriented to the service of others.

Exciting things are happening here. I invite you to come back home, to open your heart and unleash your generosity. Standing as one, let us grab that baton and thrust Monsignor Farrell High School into the highest echelon. Together we can do great things.

Warm Regards,



Louis R. Tobacco '90
President & CEO
Monsignor Farrell High School



From the Director of Advancement


Charitable institutions often make an appeal to donors at the end of each year. The timing seems to make sense, as it gives people an opportunity to make some final tax planning decisions. 

At Farrell, we approach our annual appeal from a perspective of looking forward. The Monsignor Farrell Annual Appeal is not just a one-time event that occurs around the holidays and signals the end of a year, but it is instead a renewed call to our alumni and Farrell family to help us in making a concerted effort to drive this great institution forward throughout a new year.

Each fall, a new school year begins, full of promise for our students and full of opportunity for the school to grow and excel. A new year always brings the opportunity to better ourselves, and to strengthen the legacy of Monsignor Farrell High School. This is a time to reassess how far we have come and how much further we can go.

Just five years ago, donations to the school did not exceed $200,000 annually, and the number of donors was less than 2% of our nearly 14,000 alumni. Each year since, participation and total dollars donated have both steadily increased. The momentum continued into fiscal 2019 which closed in August, and alumni donated almost $920,000 with four-times as many donors than in 2014. Your kindness, engagement, and selflessness are what continue to make this great institution greater each and every year.

Under the new school leadership, there are exciting plans for the coming years to elevate Monsignor Farrell High School’s competitive stature even higher than the heights achieved over our revered history. The ambitious initiatives that lay ahead require a concerted effort from our faithful alumni to join us in our efforts and celebrate with us in our successes throughout the year. Many hands make for light work, and as the work that lays ahead is surely not light, we will need the support of our entire Farrell community to best serve our students. The increased engagement and participation by our alumni in the past few years have positioned our alma mater for continued excellence in an increasingly competitive environment. Monsignor Farrell High School has experienced nearly 60 years of success, and there is so much more to come in 2020 and beyond!

Vir Fidelis!

John P. Cusick '88
Director of Advancement & Development 
Monsignor Farrell High School


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Legacy Lions are Farrell alumni who have indicated that Farrell has been written into their estate planning.

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*Alumni who graduated between 1965-1968 may elect to give a gift to the annual fund from traditional and Roth IRAs. The IRS allows individuals 70 1/2 years of age and older to donate up to $100,000 per year to charitable institutions.

Please contact John Cusick ’88, Director of Advancement if you are interested in becoming a Legacy Lion, or you would like to transfer stock, securities, real estate, make a gift from your IRA, or discuss other giving options. or 718.987.2900 ext. 265

Gifts to the annual appeal are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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