There are several ways you can make a charitable gift to the 2016-17 Monsignor Farrell Annual Appeal.  Gifts to the Annual Appeal are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  To make your donation online, please click any of the options below. 

If you prefer to make a donation by check, please click here to download the Annual Appeal donation form.  We can also take donations via credit card by phone.  Please call the Office of Alumni Relations & Development at 718-987-2900 ext. 265. 

  • Donate a Classroom Desk Sponsor a student classroom desk.  You can choose to have your name displayed on a donor plaque on each desk sponsored, or donate the desk In memory of or In honor of someone of your choosing.

For further assistance, or to discuss other giving options, please contact John Cusick '88, Director of Institutional Advancement.


From The Principal


       Dear Brother Alumnus,

       Hard though it may be to believe, the Class of 2020 has arrived at Msgr. Farrell. It is our largest freshman class in ten years, and maintains the standards of academic excellence and personal character that continues to be the hallmark of our Farrell tradition. Thanks to the dedication of our faculty, the hard work and cooperation of our parents and the generosity of the alumni, Msgr. Farrell continues to be the place where families seek to send their sons for the best in Catholic education.  Thank you for your continued support of our younger brothers.

        In these challenging economic times, parents (and frequently grandparents) are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to meet the tuition and fees which we try to keep affordable for our families. Our $7,900 tuition falls short of the actual $11,800 cost of educating each student. This is where we rely on your goodness and loyalty to Farrell. We are the men we are today because of the well-rounded education we received here. The academic foundation that enabled us to be successful in college and careers, and the moral formation which enables each one of us remain a true Vir Fidelis was the invaluable gift our families and the dedicated Brothers, priests, and lay faculty provided for us. I come to you now asking for you to do the same for the next generation of Farrell Men. They are fine young men of whom I am very proud. They are bright, enthusiastic, and genuinely good natured young men who seek to develop their God-given potential. They are men of faith who are known for their selfless service to our community. And they are genuinely grateful for your generous support.

       Please help us to continue the Farrell tradition and ensure that our younger brothers receive the same opportunities we received. I assure you of my personal gratitude as I thank God for the gift of being part of several generations of Farrell Men. You and your loved ones are in my prayers each day and those of our students as together we seek to live Vir Fidelis wherever we are.




(Rev. Msgr.) Edmund J. Whalen, ’76



From The Director


       “If you called one of your old Farrell buddies and told him you needed to move your house five feet to the right, he would show up at your door with a shovel.”  That quote was part of a conversation I had with a friend and fellow alumnus when I first started as Director of Advancement last November.  I am sure we all know that guy; some of us may be that guy to our friends.  Well, Monsignor Whalen and the students of Farrell do not need us to move the building on Amboy Road, but they do need our help to keep moving the school forward long into the future.  Monsignor Farrell High School simply needs a broad participation and engagement from our vast alumni community.  Most people may assume that Farrell, because of our long and proud tradition, already has strong involvement and support from a large percentage of our alumni base, but currently we do not.  Many comparable schools have alumni donor participation rates of 20%, 30% or higher, whereas Farrell’s alumni donor participation has been approximately 2% over the years.  I do not believe this number accurately reflects the number of alumni who have a meaningful, personal connection to their alma mater.

       In true Farrell Lion fashion, a group of about fifteen alumni are taking on this seeming imbalance as a challenge.  This very generous group, representing a broad range of class years and generations, believes that we can get to where we want to be by having a plan, rolling up our sleeves and working together.  The plan is straight-forward:  increase our donor participation one percentage point at a time.  The first target is to increase the overall rate by five percentage points by adding 650 new donors to our annual fund in the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year. For each 1% increase, equal to 130 new donors, our alumni brothers have pledged to donate $20,000!  If we reach our near-term goal of a 5% increase from the current 2% rate, that will mean an additional $100,000 donated to the school on top of what is raised through the annual appeal!  More importantly, this incentive will help drive a broader engagement of our alumni community which will provide a much more stable foundation for future growth.  Each individual donor is significant in helping us move forward together.  

       Monsignor Whalen, the administration and the students have done a lot of heavy lifting to restore Farrell’s place as a respected institution that produces well-rounded young men, many of whom go on to top colleges.  All of this has been done on 2% participation from the alumni organization which numbers over 13,000. Imagine where Farrell can go with more involvement and more resources from such a vast group!  I understand that true engagement requires two parties bringing something to the table. The Institutional Advancement Office is working every day to come up with new ways that we can serve and unite our alumni. In the past year, we have launched a St. Patrick’s celebration, a reunion BBQ and our new Farrell Fall Bocce Classic.  We recently expanded the Hall of Fame with a Wall of Valor to honor and recognize more of our brothers.  We have also held reunion events commemorating important achievements by some of our sports teams, and we plan to do more.  In 2017, we will build upon  a new career-focused initiative called The Farrell Alumni Business Community to leverage our network of accomplished professionals to help each other achieve even more.

       If you now find yourself asking, “How can I help?” or “What should I donate?” we have initiated a few new commitment and recurring gift programs in addition to the options for a one-time annual fund donation, all of which are outlined within this letter with more detail to be found on our alumni website. Over the next year, we will also present planned giving initiatives that will enable our alumni to tie their personal legacy directly to the legacy of Monsignor Farrell High School.

       The challenge is laid before us to form the foundation upon which the Farrell of the next 50 years can be built, let’s meet it head-on together!


         Vir Fidelis!


     John Cusick '88

     Director of Institutional Advancement

           Monsignor Farrell High School


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